This break on the run is so easy and nutritious.

Welcome to Stone Soup

Welcome to my blog. I am just your typical Paleo mom who has dabbled in GAPS and raw food, a qualified chef and lover of good food. When I say good food I mean food that not only looks and tastes good but makes you feel good.

Why ‘Stone Soup’? It was a fable my dad read to me when I was little and it has really shaped and inspired my idea of what food should be. It should be shared, unselfishly and enjoyed in good company.

Most recipes are Paleo and GAPS, some are Primal or just Grain Free. We are 80/20 Paleo at home. I have a little girl who was the reason we went on GAPS for 6 months, to cure her eczema. When we do venture off Paleo I prefer to do it with Organic, Stone Ground, Sourdough or Grain Free treats.

I love raw food vegan desserts, and also desserts that mix raw and Paleo principles and methods.

Most of all I like simple food everyday and exquisite more complex dishes when I have the time and inclination.

I really hope you like my version of Stone Soup.

– Lara